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Xinxiang Zhenying Mechanical Equipment Co Ltd is one of the professional machinery manufacturers which specialises in the production of sieving equipments conveying equipments crushing equipments and feeding equipments as well as relevant parts The company has developed quickly and has been in cooperation with some domestic and international famous suppliers Since establishment the company has been developing very fast The reasons for the fast growth are due to the cooperative spirits of Zhenying people and our belief in the power of technology and innovation Zhenying has ten engineers with good educational background working employees about one hundred sales force of 50 and 20 after sales...

Categories and Products

Vibrating Sieve

Vibratory Sieve

Vibrating sieves screening separation equipment Electric flour vibrating sieve sifter Flour vibrating screen separator machine Industrial flour vibrating sieve shaker sifter machine Wheat flour rotary sieve shaker machine Coconut milk powder vibrating screen sieve Coconut milk powder vibrating sieve classifier sifter Virgin coconut oil vibrating sieve shaker machine Coconut milk shell vibrating sieve sifting machine High frequency palm oil vibrating screen Industrial coco sugar sieve shaker sifter Sugar cane juice vibrating shaker sieving machine Sugar vibro sifter sieve machine Coffee bean grading vibrating sieve Coffee bean rotary vibrating screener Coffee bean rotary screen sieve machine Coffee beans powder vibrating screen sieving Instant coffee powder vibrating screen shaker 

Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

Ultrasonic fine powder vibrating screen sieving machine Food industry icing sugar vibrating sieving sifter machine Castor brown sugar vibrating screen sifter Coffee grain vibrating screen sieving machine xxnx hot stainless steel coffee vibrating screen sieve 

Tumbler Screener

Capacity maximum powder vibrating tumbler screening machine 

Gyratory Screener

Solid liquid gyratory screening separators sifters machines Silica sand square swing vibrating screen machine Silica sand vibrating screening equipment 

Rectangular Vibrating Screen

Linear motion rectangular vibrating screen sieving Cement linear vibrating screen sieve machine Silica sand vibrating screen sieve shaker machine Silica sand sieve screener equipment Sugar vibrating separator screening machine Coffee powder vibro sieve screening machine xxnx mini ground coffee round vibrating screen 

Vibrating Screen Filter

Vibrating screen filter sieve separation classifer machine 

Centrifugal Sifters

Horizontal turbo centrifugal sieve sifters airflow screen Airflow flour vibrating sifter sieve machine Sugar centrifugal vibration screen sieve machine equipment 

Central Discharge Vibrating Screen

Central discharge check compact vibrating screening sieving 

Lab Testing Sieve

Analytical research laboratory testing sieve shakers Lab test vibrating sieve shaker machine Small capacity laboratory screen sieve shaker Sugar analysis sieve screener equipment Coffee powder test sifter sieve shaker 

Belt Conveyor

Portable Belt Conveyor

Industrial mobile rubber portable belt conveyor Mining belt conveyor system machine Hot sale mining conveyor belt Portable mining belt conveyors equipment Industrial mining coal conveyor belt machine Rubber roller mining belt conveyor machine Coal mine conveyor belt equipment Carbon steel rubber coal belt conveyor Coal rubber pneumatic belt conveyor system Industry coal carbon steel belt conveyor Low price portable coal bucket belt conveyor Coal mine handling belt conveyor system equipment Long distance underground coal belt conveyor equipment 50kg bags belt conveyor system Rice big bag unloader belt conveyor Portable beans bag belt conveyor system Egg flour bag trough roller movable belt conveyor Incline mobile grain loading belt conveyor Portable grain rubber belt conveyor Transport rubber roller inclined grain belt conveyor 

Light Belt Conveyor

Industrial idler roller horizontal light belt conveyor 

Screw Conveyor

Flexible Screw Conveyor

Fine powders augers transport flexible screw conveyor Grain flexible screw conveyors supplier Flexible cement auger conveyor system 

Modular Tubular Screw Conveyor

Modular TU tubular screw conveyor feeder machine Small industry grain spiral screw conveyor Grain screw transport conveyor system Sand screw conveyor with hopper Sand gravel screw conveyor system Sea sand rubble belt conveyor system Industry cement screw auger conveyor Cement powder auger screw conveyor machine 

Standard U Trough Conveyor

Standard U vertical trough shaft auger screw conveyor Flexible coal hopper auger screw conveyor Grain auger screw conveyor machine Shaftless sand screw conveyor machine Screw conveyor for wet sand Silica sand construction belt conveyor Carbon steel sand screw auger conveyor feeder Inclined gerenal durable sand quarry belt conveyer Cement double shaft mixer conveyer 

Crushing Equipment

Jaw Crusher

Copper ore mining quarry jaw crusher line 

Hammer Crusher

Small limestone portable rock crusher stone hammer crusher 

Feeder Machine

Electromagnetic Feeder

Micro electromagnetic electric magnetic vibrating feeder 

Vibrating Table

Bulk material handling concrete moulds vibrating table 

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